Do you b?

March 9, 2011

That the earth above the horizontal is where the idea end?

Since leaving the school, my brain barely can do the thinking for me.. It started to be as retarded as a small kid. The size of it never shrink ed yet enlarging as of the laziness of it to do a single thinking for me. Life has been pretty much easier as the life wasnt run as far as it could be from the track but after all this years, i started to doubt  if  the prolong idea of adjusting to the comfort of my own path is the wise solution. Well, pretty sure, I am now complaining about it and the next min praising it.


So come my final project. As much as i could believe, it seems that i was en capsuled by my own shadow.. The sun never reach my ground. It dried up and yet there is splash of water spring toward my face. And the next moment, I am awake. ;p


Signing off for the better thursday,

Sue the ant


Hello world!

December 15, 2009

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